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edjing Mix

The world's most downloaded DJ app.

edjing Mix image

Better known to be the world's most downloaded DJ app voted Best App of 2015 by both Apple and Google, edjing Mix transforms any device into a real DJ setup and stretches the limits of djing on mobile, offering unlimited creative freedom.

edjing Mix offers the same capability as a pro DJ software except with the convenience of being on a device that fits in a pocket

DJ Tech Tools

edjing Pro

The DJ app optimized for pros.

edjing Pro image

edjing Pro is the most optimized pro DJ app on smartphones and tablets. The app has been designed to offer the same level of performance as a professional DJ controller, while keeping the tablet or smartphone ease of use.

edjing Pro could be one of the most attractive options for those who DJ with a smartphone or tablet

Fact Mag

Mixfader dj

The first app fully optimized for scratching

Connected to Mixfader – the world's first wireless portable fader – Mixfader dj lets you scratch in real time with the lightest and most transportable set-up ever. Mixfader and its dedicated app can also be used with physical turntables on both timecode and standard audio vinyls.


The greatest YouTube player.

Stream image

Stream is a YouTube player that gives access to all YouTube music videos, but also to Radios, Top charts and Playlists. You can watch videos in full screen or use the floating popup for a multitasking music listening experience.

Stream provides something users want

Android Guys


The music player that lets you improve the sound quality of your tracks.

Equalizer+ image

With +35 million users, Equalizer+ is one of the world's most downloaded music player. In addition to its smart music library, the app offers a powerful 5-band equalizer that lets you improve the sound quality of the music you’re listening to.


The first free, fun and easy-to-use music video quiz.

QuizTube image

QuizTube is a free, fun and easy-to-use music video quiz. From Rap to Rock, from 80s to 2016 hits, the app includes plenty of themes and categories, depending on everyone’s tastes.

Music Mate

The Shazam of music videos.

Music Mate image

Music Mate is the missing app between YouTube videos and music players. The app automatically finds the official YouTube video of the song you are currently listening to. Music Mate is fully compatible with Spotify, Play Music, Pandora and a lot of other streaming or MP3 players.

What are you listening to right now? Me, I'm listening to the 2012 album Battle Born, by The Killers, specifically the song 'Runaways.' But what if I wanted to find the music video for that song? Now there's an app that can do that: Music Mate, from MWM

Android Police

Bass Booster

The app that boosts all your songs.

Bass Booster image

As its name suggests, Bass Booster lets people amplify the bass of their songs. Compatible with music players like SoundCloud or Deezer, the app offers two additional sound effects to enhance your music listening experience.


The equalizer app that lets you pimp your tracks.

EQ image

EQ is not just a music player. It's a powerful tool that improves the sound quality of many music players like SoundCloud or Spotify, thanks to its 5-band equalizer.

The world's first wireless portable fader

Mixfader is the world’s first wireless portable Fader that works in pair with its dedicated app, Mixfader dj. Together, they offer a pocket-sized yet ultra performing pro DJ setup so that people can express their art, anywhere, anytime.

Are you looking to scratch on your digital DJ setup? The MWM Mixfader is your ticket to ride

Magnetic Magazine

The accessory to scratch with your PT01 Scratch

Replace the switch of your Numark PT01 Scratch with Mixfader thanks to the Mixfader Dock, specially conceived to fit your PT01 design.

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